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Providing Web-Based Solutions

Internet is an indispensable part of modern-day life, and scores of people are active in the cyber world or join the community of users. This may span from the social media to administrative software to banking transactions and office correspondences and e-services for the citizens.
Thus, web-based solutions can greatly contribute to the success of any business activity of advertising campaign.
Today, even some economic battles are based on the internet. One day, news about contaminated rice or palm oil mixed diary spreads, and the next day, the sales of an inexpensive imported car (Jac- Kerman Khodro) comes to a halt following a baseless rumor about the recall of sold vehicles due to an engine defect.
Not only the cyber space can fund the success of any given commercial or business activity, but it is employed to neutralize the malicious acts against a brand. A comparison between the revenue of or other knowledge-based international companies and the oil revenues of some countries can simply demonstrate the effect of web-based business activities.
Taking up a particular service-providing approach, the CIP comprehensive portal intends to address the web-related requirements of commercially important persons as the respective users of the system.
To this, the IT Department of CIP portal is ready to provide for all your web-based or web-related needs.

Some of the services offered are as follows :
Consulting services for web-based issues
Design, implementation and support services for organizational portals, information websites, and personal web pages
Design, implementation and support services for company and business websites
Design, implementation and support services for news agencies and news websites using several CMSs exclusively designed, implemented and troubleshot from A to Z
Design, implementation and support services of online stores attached to the national and international banking network
Design, implementation and support services for social networks and communication applications
Web-based advertising campaigns and email marketing
Consulting services in opinion mining, opinion polls, and market analysis in order to present organizational solutions, and crisis recognition, prevention, control and management