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There are currently almost 8,500,000 websites and weblogs in Iran. Thus, public domains such as .com, .net, .org or the national .ir domains cannot be picked for appropriate services. After years-long wait, the international ICANN organization has finally agreed to issue the permit for another 1000 new domains to be registered.
One of the most important domains approved in trade. Registering such domains as, Najm Asia Institution has practically monopolized the field even in the international scale. For example, it is possible to register only one domain globally, and the right to that has been given to an Iranian internet company. As it is private-run and does not rely on the government supports, the only source of income for this company is doing business. As is widely known, loyal customers are the most valuable assets of any company or commercial entity as they pave the way for the company’s growth and survival by purchasing their goods or services.

Owing to its exclusive domain, portal trade would be bedrock for the Iranian business owners and their trades to be introduced to the world. It is inexpensive and easy to design a website for natural or legal persons, but the most important issue is to bring visitors to that website, which takes grave advertising expenses, technical team support and specialized content provision. However, upon payment of annual fees, any given large or small business can possess a dedicated page on this portal and after performance of required search-engine optimization by the portal, business owners can quickly receive a multiplied number of visitors. Any page would be given an exclusive URL like WWW.PORTAL.TRADE/IRANCIP plus a devoted email address such as IRANCIP@PORTAL.TRADE.

Najm Asia Institution would be honored to win your trust and present services to you. The institute also undertakes to add all pages created in the portal to the free of charge.

We would be honored to serve you.