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In the modern world, bodyguards can be employed for two reasons: one, it is to enhance the luxury and formality of the ceremony or any business activity. Considerably popular, this viewpoint us based on prevention from any possible threat or attack. The other viewpoint is that of social or business figures, who may predict or be informed of potential risks and dangers, and therefore prefer to move around in company of their bodyguards. This is also a preventive and defensive measure. In case the source of danger or threat is known to the authorities in charge through solid evidences mentioned in the Constitutional law, they would immediately take required measures to legally prevent the threat or to eliminate it.
Unlike what the public may assume, using bodyguards does not imply insecurity or lack of safety. Rather, since security and regulatory forces are funded by the public budget and taxes it wouldn’t make sense to expect them to provide special services for the rich as it is against the justice. This is where hiring of bodyguards would make sense. To meet this goal, CIP portal offers services provided by well-trained, well-experienced male and female bodyguards. This service can be ordered and booked through the user account for the members. Non-members can as well contact our team of experts for further information and for reservations.


There are occasions when large commercial or business entities wish to hire their trusted staff members for certain tasks, but shortage of appropriate theoretical and practical trainings would hinder them as these employees might fail to handle the critical situations, and might cause irreversible losses. CIP’s solution for this is provision of training by world-class experts and trainers once the staff members are deemed mentally and physically competent so they could be prepared and hired within the framework of the hiring company’s regulations.
In such cases our experienced, internationally licensed experts would train the staff in martial arts and self-defense, theoretical principles of protective measures, legal regulations, theories of risk prevention, crisis management, body language, foreign languages, first aids, CPR, and fire extinguishing in Iran, and subsequently would be sent abroad for credited practical courses in shooting and archery, bomb neutralization, and drug detection.